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We CDCM, use carbonation technique which doesn't soak your carpet and your carpet dries in 2 hours. This prevents mold and mildew from damaging the carpet and also prevents wetting the carpet's backing material and separating it from the fibers. This could cause the carpet to lose shape and pucker.

Our Healthy System:

Carpet Dry Cleaning & More uses a carbonation system. Our carpet cleaning technology creates an effective, carbonated cleaning system that breaks down stains so that they can be effectively removed from the carpet. Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning is non-toxic and safe for children and pets. Unlike steam cleaning, the carbonation system we use doesn't leave a sticky residue, and dries in a couple of hours.

Pet Odor, Pet Urine Removal:

Pet urine lasts between 15 and 20 years in your carpet. During this period it creates harmful bacteria, resulting in an unhealthy environment. We know the most effective way to remove the pet urine from your carpet. Pet urine has a low ph level and causes damage to your carpet. We adjust the ph level using our special pet urine removal treatment in your carpet. Our professionally trained technicians know how to treat your carpet. We also suggest that you have carpet protectant in order to minimize damage caused by pet urine.

Carpet Protectant:

When you buy a new carpet it comes with carpet protectant, but you loose your protectant after vacuuming 200 times. Save your money using our special "Carpet Protectant," which can be used on your carpet and upholstery furniture fabric fibers. Your carpet, rugs and furniture will last and stay clean longer, eliminating the need for frequent carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

How Our Protectant Works:

Each carpet fiber has thousands of tiny holes that we can't see with the naked eye. When you spill something on the carpet, it fills those holes in and creates stains. Our carpet protectant fills in most of the holes so there aren't spaces to fill in, and your carpet fibers do not absorb stains, making it very easy to remove the stains from your carpet.
Our protectant also minimizes wear and tear, creating a shield in traffic areas, making your carpet last longer. The average carpet is replaced every twelve years, but using our protectant will make it last longer. You will save your money using our carpet protectant treatment.

Carpet Deodorizer:

We know how it feels when you have company and have a bad smelling carpet. Most effective deodorizers are oxygen-based deodorizers, which are usually hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate. We do not wet your carpet using unnecessary chemicals and we can remove almost all the odors that are trapped in your carpet.


Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning every 6 months, depending on the environment in your house. You can pre-schedule appointments with Carpet Dry Cleaning & More, assuring you will have the service on time no matter how busy the season is.

Cleaning Tips:

Never use soap-based spot remover. When you are buying spot remover, shake the bottle and if it creates bubbles on the top, that means it is soap base chemical. Since all the soap based chemicals leave a residue in your carpet and resulting in a sticky carpet, we strongly recommend you not to use soap-based spot removers. Much as washing your hands with soap and not rinsing 100% of the soap off your hands will leave your hands sticky. Shampooing your carpet is going to result a sticky carpet, and as soon as you touch an area that has been shampooed, that area will attract dirt like a magnet. Not like our carbonation system, which doesn't leave any residue.

Why is Steam Cleaning Unhealthy:

In most case, steam cleaning systems use high pressure and high temperature. High pressure pushes dirt under the padding, leaving the padding wet for several weeks, even though it feels dry on the surface. Wet padding creates bacteria underneath the carpet, which can't be seen on the surface. In addition to that, high temperature melts the glue originally used by the manufacturers causing your carpet fiber to break apart. We recommend you do not use a high pressure system or high temperature. Our effective carbonation system is safe for your carpet.

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